We are so proud to introduce one of our favs teams in GoMadrid, not only because they are working in a great & exciting project but because they are such a goof fun and friendly team: in the picture from left to right we have David Gómez, Álvaro García-Moya & Nicola Bertuzzi.

We speak briefly with Nicola Bertuzzi about WebToGo and his experience in Madrid and invite you to explore their website afterwards:

GO: Why WebToGo is different:
NB: WebToGo provides digital customer support through true self-help solutions for mobile and
WiFi connectivity, for smartphones and home devices. Our typical customers are Global Telcos,
Smartphone Customer Care Service Providers and increasingly Retailers and Insurances.
We are unique in that:
 We provide software-only solutions: Customer support needs to be available wherever
and whenever and therefore start on the device
 We provide full systems: Our solutions include customer-facing apps and web-portals
as well as backend systems for support agents, data analytics and mobile marketing
 We are future proof: We have a full portfolio of capabilities to meet our customer’s
current requirements and a roadmap into the connected home and IoT
 Our customers have already distributed our solutions to millions of end-users

GO: How do you see the upcoming market in Spain?
NB:In our market Spain is fully aligned with the rest of Europe:
Smartphones are complex and expensive and we feel naked without them: After-sales service
providers such as Support, Repairs, Buy-Back & Trade-In, Device Protection and Device Leasing
Management need to be run on the device with digital Go/No-Go solutions providing
automatic, guided and remote issue resolution to reduce unnecessary reverse logistics and No
Fault Found. https://www.webtogo.de/aftersales/
The majority of claims to Telco customer support are for Home Network or WiFi related issues.
These, and customer’s need for assistance, will grow exponentially as we connect more and
more devices to our home routers. The problem is that support agents have no visibility inside
their customer’s Home Networks and are therefore unable to pinpoint the root cause of
issues. There is a need for solutions which diagnose issues in-vivo, performing the same
measurements a field service engineer would do but without running the cost of displacing a
technician for each claim.  https://www.webtogo.de/automated-home- network-support/
WebToGo provides the tools to run efficient digital, remote, premium customer support.

GO: You are an international team, what is your opinion about Madrid becoming relevant within
the tech world?
NB:WebToGo is headquartered in Munich with offices in Madrid, the Netherlands, Latvia and a
fully-owned software development subsidiary in India. We co-run our innovation and sales out
of Munich and Madrid. Madrid is important for us because it is the home of one of the largest
Telco groups in the world and representations of the most important tech companies. Spain
allows access to highly qualified technical resources and is the perfect gateway into Spanish
speaking countries such as Latin America.

¡Ven acompañado y disfruta de un 2×1 en GoMadrid!

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