Go Ecosystem

explore our best in class ecosystem in an outstanding location in the heart of Madrid

Central Location

A best in class ecosystem of great startups to help develop better products and to empower the relationships between our entrepreneurs and supporters.

We provide an outstanding physical location in the heart of Madrid for companies to work out of, attend regular events and collaborate with like minded companies.

Unleash your potential in our headquarters with high quality natural light, design details, high ceilings and perfect location with stunning views.


Gran Vía 39, 2ª. 28013 Madrid (Spain)

High-Speed Internet

Work with the support of high-speed internet covering all rooms in our headquarters, no matter how you use the Internet, we have the perfect 300mb Symmetrical Internet Connection for you

24/7 Access

Unleash your potential in our headquarters whenever you need it.

Resident team members have 24/7 access to all facilities.

We understand the difficulties of building up an idea so do not worry anymore about meeting a client or a colleague out of working hours.

24/7 Free Access for Resident Team Members

Open from 08:45 AM - 08:00 PM

Personalised Support

Our onsite team is ready and happy to help with any enquiry your project might need.

A personalised assistance is offered to each team so do not doubt to contact your key account manager.

Grow your business with the support of the best mentors.

Tech Events

Join our different events and enjoy a talented atmosphere enhancing your network and taking advantage of GoMadrid ecosystem.

Technology, Fintech, Blockchain and Social are the four themes you will be able to find in a monthly basis in GoMadrid but we would love to hear new proposals from you, please, contact us!