Who is GoMadrid?

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GoMadrid is a best in class ecosystem of great startups to help develop better products and to empower the relationship between our entrepreneurs and supporters. That is to say, we work with high growth potential B2B and B2B2C tech companies across key sectors to create the next generation of Spanish and global market leaders by enabling access to everything that is needed to shape the future of digitalization of businesses.

We provide an outstanding physical location in the heart of Madrid for companies to work out of, attend regular events and collaborate with like minded companies.

Where is GoMadrid?

What would come to your mind first when thinking about Gran Vía? City center? One of the most important streets in Madrid? The eye catching 20th-century revival architecture? Gran vía, an avenue that has witnessed more than 200 years of history, is where GoMadrid is located at.


GoMadrid not only owns advantageous location, but also provides a superior working environment. The co-working space of GoMadrid has a total area of 500 m², equipped with 56 hot desks, 4 private offices and 2 meeting rooms and a fully functional kitchen.

Moreover, natural light is one of the most precious commodities that a working place can possess. Working in a spacious high ceiling office, our Go members can enjoy high quality natural light all day long.

“Events connect people, and events spark change”

GoMadrid events

We know that events are essential for startups to expand their reputation, and most importantly, contacts. Therefore, we aim to provide a space where everyone can apply to host an event for the ecosystem. During 12 months, we have supported Gomembers and entrepreneurs around the world to host more than 55+ events.

Are you looking for a co-working space? Do you want to connect with pioneers in Technology? Are you interested in attending in tech events? Then join GoMadrid!

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¡Ven acompañado y disfruta de un 2×1 en GoMadrid!

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