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Blockchain Women: Numerous, Brilliant, and Powerful

Finally, after one year of seeing interesting events from Km0 room, we can finally say that we rarely have the opportunity of assisting a technology conference in which women are the protagonists, and even less in where all of the speakers provide content in a natural way and talking person to person.

Yesterday, Covadonga Fernández and Álvaro Cobarro presented the first Blocks&Breakfast in GoMadrid, achieving to reunite six women leaders from blockchain, who analyzed the actual situation and future of technology in our country. “Blockchain Women: numerous, brilliant, and powerful women.”

Cristina Carrascosa, María Parga, Nuria Ávalos, Gabriela Chang, Carol Lago, Covadonga Fernández and Montse Guardia in GoMadrid.

To this day, numerous businesses are finding a way to possibly integrate this technology in their systems and protocols. “Even though this change is the correct one, we are still far away of achieving on having blockchain in our lives” Cristina Carrascosa states. Cristina is a lawyer in technology and member of core Working Group Blockchain Observatory from the European Commission. “We are a small percentage of those who use blockchain in our lives. This indicates how far away we are in seeing the technologic incorporation in our personal lives.”

Blockchain is like a baby who is barely trying to walk. Our guests agreed, and nonetheless, it can be considered another technology, with the potential to transform society. Everyone should collaborate to achieve their improvement. Nuria Ávalos, director of Blockchain and Experiment Digital in Repsol, explains how “the efficiency of some startups are obtaining with blockchain are spectacular for a corporation, and to work with them makes us loyal. We have to design a social and economic impact that we can achieve with blockchain, and we can only do this by collaborating together” says Montse García Güell, general manager of Consorcio Alastria.

Another important aspect of the debate made it impossible to regulate a model that has not yet been defined and who still has a long time to develop. The technology still has to improve, however, in this case, it is working on a global transformation. María Parga, general manager of Bolsas and Mercados Españoles from Innova, comments “when you are innovating, on one side you a lawyer and in the other, you have the technology, who speak different languages. Blockchain makes these two worlds difficult to work together.”

These economic models are evolving, and we agree with Garcia Güell, even though the blockchain integration in the economy will make it more effective, we still have a long way to go to have an impactful global transformation. Gabriel Chang, public relations and partner in EthicHub, well defined: “the innovation does not ask for permission, it goes ahead and has to stop being based in authorities and start to be focused on people besides on suiting to traceability.” This traceability that Chang talks about has to be observed toward all projects that help develop in less developed countries, especially in agricultural, logistical and financial sectors.


Big businesses such as Grant Thornton, are committed on the development of blockchain, in the areas that it can implement in testing the concept to evolution, that goes beyond the financial system. This is how Carol Lago, director of Innovation of Grant Thornton explained. For Carrascosa, “we will reach maturity once we overcome the various failures that we will have to confront for the evolution of blockchain.”

The knowledge provides the ability to add value. Many of us are dedicated to revealing the potential we see in the new technology. We have to work the different stages of the system by achieving it in all the sectors, and special forms in administration because when we arrive at that point, we will have achieved the transformation we have been waiting for, and that can be achieved through blockchain.


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